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Olympic golf was a success
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Let's call a spade a spade. This was a very successful week for golf. For how critical and doubtful many of us were (including me) about golf in the Olympics when the biggest names were dropping out, Rio looking like a disaster of a host city, and doubts about the competition itself, it all worked out. We got a very exciting competition on a fun, beautiful golf course with 3 of the best players in the field winning the medals. Had this been the Olympics where it was London or Tokyo getting to host the Games, I think it would have been an absolute success. Instead, this was simply a success, in my estimation. The galleries in Rio didn't really get proper etiquette, but how could they be expected to when golf isn't a popular sport in Brazil that lives up to the upper class stereotype in that country.

I love the individual format and shun anyone who says it should have been a team event because golf is an individual sport first. Every tournament during the Tour season is individual except for one a year, whether it's the Ryder Cup or President's Cup. I'd be willing to give match play a try, especially seeing as how good of a duel Rose and Stenson was, however, doing that would eliminate the excitement of someone like Kuchar doing what he did and posting a number the leaders had to look at.

All in all, golf is an Olympic sport, and I say that with my bias removed. It was cool, and I'll be very disappointed if the IOC doesn't keep it around when they vote on its future between now and 2020. I'm already looking forward to seeing what happens in Japan in 4 years time. As for the women, they have the opportunity to make it even more of a successful venture. I don't think anything could happen during their competition to hurt golf's place in the Olympics.
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I thought it was a success with the exception of people taking pictures every time Rose was about to hit a shot.

Can't wait to see the women go at it!

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Success? To be determined. We are all biased so let's hold off on success or failure.
That being said here are some sports that have solidified their place in the Olympics:

1) Hand Ball
2) Air Rifle
3) Ping Pong
4) Badminton
5) Equestrian
6) Syncronized Swimming
7) Trampoline

If those 7 are in then golf should be a no brainer, but in 2020 the best of the best HAVE TO PLAY!!!

Don Freeman
Professional Champion
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I thought it was a success with the exception of people taking pictures every time Rose was about to hit a shot.

Can't wait to see the women go at it!

I like to women go at it too..........

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Personally I think the golf course kept it exciting. With its wide open fairways along with different fauna and flora made it for interesting watching. As much as I would have loved to have seen golf in the Atlanta Olympics with Augusta National, this course was very fitting for the return of the sport to the Olympic venue. Everyone in that field had a chance to go low. I too am looking forward to watching the ladies play as the course should also provide some low scores for them. In my opinion what will keep golf an Olympic sport is not so much as all the big names being there but the chance for the other countries to compete and be recognize.

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I agree with the sentiment but hold out for the real answer until 4 years from now. We still have the women to play, but the men proved it "could" be a success. I say could because until the very top players WANT to be there with no excuses, it still seemed forced.

Not trying to belittle the result, but something hung over it like a cloud. I get the same feeling still with US men's basketball.

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Matt kucher thinks it was a success.

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Matt kucher thinks it was a success.

Forgive me.
Olympic bronze medal winner Matt kucher knows it was a success.

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I think olympic golf sucked. It was no different than any other weekly professional tournament. The only difference was that instead of handing out a paycheck, they handed out three medals. There was absolutely no opportunity for team play, rooting for each other or relying on your teammate as in the Ryder Cup. Each player simply played his own game and the three lowest scores took first, second or third.

They really missed an opportunity to make olympic golf exciting; not just for the folks there but for the viewer at home. I watched a bit of it but grew bored pretty quickly. Especially since my guys either weren't there or were out of the running for a medal.

Maybe in 2020 they will change the format. If they don't I think they will just kill olympic golf.