It's simple: play just pick'em games, for cash.

You have over 500 games per year to pick from. Use your tokens to play one sport or all sports. Just for registering, you get 3 tokens to play.

Each game has 10 picks.
  • Get 7 or more correct, you win.
  • Get 10 correct, you win $100.
Play a game now, click here to choose you game and make your picks.

Play your favorites all year long:
Sport Games #Per Year
Football Weekly in Season 40
Baseball Weekly in Season 40
NASCAR Weekly in Season 30
Stock Market Daily 250
Golf Weekly in Season 80
UFC Event Driven 10
Basketball Weekly In Season 25
Horse Racing Event Driven 5
Poker Event Driven 5

Each game has 10 Pick'em choices. Get 7 correct to win. The more you get correct, the more you win.

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