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Just to Encourage
Posted by heartotexas 6/9/2011 3:29:19 PM

I am not seeking advice or suggestions in this blog nor am I prepared to tell you what you need to do. There are plenty of "experts" in everything on Stracka, and well I'm not one of them. :) LOL. I am simply writing it to hopefully encourage anyone who is struggling to work out and exercise more. The only thing it has to do with golf is that during the last four months I have for the first time in many years gotten to the stage that I can play a round of golf in 95+ degree Texas heat and actually think that, with a short break for a burger and some iced tea, I might actually feel up to playing 18 more (instead of going back home and crashing for two hours under the AC). Another very unexpected benefit was getting rid of nagging lower back pain after a round of golf.


Water Ball...Let Sleeping Balls Lie
Posted by heartotexas 4/7/2011 5:35:38 PM

There is probably no good reason not to retrieve a ball that just went into the edge of a water hazard and you can see it plain as day. Right?... Well, until today, maybe...


Conversations with Pro Shop and Marshall
Posted by heartotexas 6/27/2010 3:22:26 PM

Making the turn after 9 I go in for a quick potty break and bottled waters for the back 9. Pro shop guys say, "How's it going?". Me. "It'z kinda a zoo out there. 6 or 7 carts with people driving around all over the course, tee boxes etc. and no clubs, plus the group coming in now just hit into me from the tee box." Pro. "Well, they're members and they play pretty fast." Me. "Well, I'm a 'member' and there isn't much excuse for hitting into me from the tee box." Pro. "I'm not making excuses, I'll say something to them." (Yeah right I think). Go to #10 tee box. Marshall pulls up. Marshall. "Hey those guys want to apologize for hitting into you. Oh, and can they play through, they're members and they play pretty fast." Me. Exasperated, sarcastic, "Sure, let's let the members play through." Nice guys and they do apologize and I can see how it was an honest mistake. Still the Pro and the Marshall's 'member' comments are still seething my insides.


Tiger and Golf Digest
Posted by heartotexas 1/7/2010 1:18:26 PM

I realize this blog may stir negative responses but I couldn't seem to leave it alone.


Another Golf Mystery Unveiled
Posted by heartotexas 11/5/2009 8:18:19 AM

The mystery is the "golf club fitting" session. A lot of people swear by it. It's frequently mentioned by tour pros and mentioned in golf magazines. I've been golfing for almost 20 years now but most seriously in the last 5. My game has made some steady improvements as I finally broke down and took a series of lessons spread out over 5 or 6 years.


Great Golf Partner - Met on Stracka
Posted by heartotexas 8/5/2009 2:37:11 PM

I just had a very nice memorable round thanks to Goynes42, who I met here on Stracka. We played our first round together today, and thanks largely to his friendly encouragement, I shot a best ever 38 on the front 9. The heat got to me a little on the back 9 but I really didnt care that much as the front 9 was so wonderful. Just wanted to let everyone in the community know that playing with Goynes42 is such a pleasure and if you get the opportunity to golf with him you will not regret it.


R9/STR8-FIT, Etc
Posted by heartotexas 4/19/2009 10:16:21 AM

I am sure that most of you have seen the advertisements or commercials regarding the various variable fit drivers out now, similar to this one.


Golf Themes for Blackberry
Posted by heartotexas 3/24/2009 11:23:28 AM

I just posted a few pics of golf themes which I created for my Blackberry Curve 83xx. If anyone is interested in them, I have them available for over-the-air download and install. I am also willing to create other golf related themes with different pictures, if you have a particular photo in mind. If there is interest in this, then I will post a more in-depth blog with all the information necessary. Right now I have 3 main golf themes, for BB Curve 83xx, os versions 4.2.2, 4.3 and 4.5, in Zen, Icon and Today formats.


Golf Shoes and Driving
Posted by heartotexas 3/18/2009 10:40:52 PM

So when you head out to the golf course do you wear your golf shoes to drive to the course or put them on at the course? I almost always wear mine when I am headed out. Even when I drive an hour or even two to get to the course I am playi...


Looking out my back door...Doodlers
Posted by heartotexas 3/12/2009 12:35:31 PM

In the spirit of "why play the game if you aren't going to play it right?" I have a question for reader feedback. Do you play with players (or are you one of them) who frequently moves the ball around with the head of your club to get it just right before hitting it from anywhere except maybe the tee box? And then post your birdie or par score?


How Long is too Long?
Posted by heartotexas 2/26/2009 10:36:13 AM

Just curious what all of you think about how long a round of golf should be, what is too long and what is ideal. I personally think 4- 4.5 hours is perfect, but I sure like to play the 3 to 3.5 hour round also. Anything over 4.5 hours is ...


Left vs. Right
Posted by heartotexas 10/24/2008 1:35:24 PM

What makes a righty a lefty and vice versa?


The "Scramble"
Posted by heartotexas 10/9/2008 4:07:43 PM

Recording Rounds Played
Posted by heartotexas 10/1/2008 5:09:15 PM

Coed Pro Golf Tournament
Posted by heartotexas 9/10/2008 9:39:34 AM



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