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Turtle Creek Hole-by-Hole
Posted by OtterMan08 8/7/2011 7:04:20 PM
Turtle Creek Hole-by-Hole

Another course I have not played. Planning on being there for the Philly/NJ Club date and wanted to get a feel for the layout. I'm planing on playing from the blue tees, so that's where the yardage marks are. Any input or insights would be very welcome. The overhead views are great for getting a look at what's behind the green and such, but don't give much useful information about elevations and slope.


SJ PGC - Pink Ball Special : April 28th - May 8th 2011
Posted by KWehlen 4/25/2011 7:40:48 PM

Members of the SJ & SE PA Private Golf Club can begin play starting April 28th and must play there round by Midnight May 8th.


Re-Construction 8: (Stack & Tilt)
Posted by dday39 9/7/2010 11:42:04 AM

In this, what should be my final installment for 2010, chronicle of my swing change; I'd like to point out that I'm very glad I went back to what I thought I should be doing. Last year, when I started really looking at the Stack & Tilt swing, I felt I was really on to something. With more instructors and more correct information out there in cyber space, I'm very confident that I can be playing very good golf going forward. For 5 years or so, I had a bad swing, undpredictable ball flight, and no idea how to truly get better. Now, I have a real understanding of my golf swing, ball flight, and how to self correct. I've still got to put in the time to improve, but it doesn't feel like work and I know that the things I'm working on are correct for me and my improvement. My handicap hasn't come down on a consistant basis, but that'll happen. Stack and Tilt is for me. I'm drinking the Kool-Aid (so is Tiger believe it or not).


SJ PGC - Powdered Toast Invitational: August 13 - August 24
Posted by lpj0 8/13/2010 11:44:04 AM

Special Note: We are trying to make up a bit of lost time. So, this tournament wil only be 9 days long. Try to get out and play. We will start the next one right away, probably the 25th. Thanks!


U.S.G.A (U Suck Go Again) Open July 15th - August 1st
Posted by dday39 7/13/2010 10:48:14 AM

Members of the SJ & SE PA Private Golf Club can begin play starting July 15th and must play their round by Midnight August 1st.


Rosey's Recent Run
Posted by dday39 7/6/2010 9:03:09 AM

Don't look now, but Justin Rose won again. If not for a tiny blowup at the Travelers, he could be 3 for his last 3. If you didn't know, Justin Rose recently started working with swing coach Sean Foley. I really like Foley's swing concept and he's very knowledgeable in many different fields other than golf. Some people will argue that Foley teaches Stack & Tilt, but Foley is quick to dismiss the notion. However, if you read some articles about his work with Sean O'Hair, the language is strikingly similar. But that's another subject.


SJ PGC - The SJ PGC Open: June 4th - July 4th (36 Hole Tournament)
Posted by KWehlen 6/1/2010 6:55:25 AM

Members of the SJ & SE PA Private Golf Club can begin play starting June 4th and must play their round by Midnight July 4th.


SJ PGC - Broken Tee Classic: May 14th - May 30th
Posted by KWehlen 5/14/2010 8:19:37 AM

And the winner is......Mojo69......


SJ PGC - SandBagger Shootout: April 23rd - May 9th
Posted by KWehlen 4/20/2010 6:18:13 PM

Congrats to Whiteballz for his win!!!


SJ PGC - Pink Ball Special : April 1st - April 18th
Posted by KWehlen 4/2/2010 7:05:28 AM

First, congratulations to Carl (miatasm) on winning the first SJPGC event of the year.


SJ PGC 2010
Posted by KWehlen 3/6/2010 11:39:57 AM

South Jersey & SE PA Private Golf Club's 2010 Friendly Tournaments....


SJ PGC - DeathRace Classic August 28th - September 13th
Posted by KWehlen 8/25/2009 4:23:13 PM

SJ PGC - Powdered Toast Invitational August 5th - August 21st
Posted by KWehlen 7/27/2009 3:13:13 PM

Here are the final standings from the Powdered Toast Invitational ......Congrats to all.


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