In this, what should be my final installment for 2010, chronicle of my swing change; I'd like to point out that I'm very glad I went back to what I thought I should be doing. Last year, when I started really looking at the Stack & Tilt swing, I felt I was really on to something. With more instructors and more correct information out there in cyber space, I'm very confident that I can be playing very good golf going forward. For 5 years or so, I had a bad swing, undpredictable ball flight, and no idea how to truly get better. Now, I have a real understanding of my golf swing, ball flight, and how to self correct. I've still got to put in the time to improve, but it doesn't feel like work and I know that the things I'm working on are correct for me and my improvement. My handicap hasn't come down on a consistant basis, but that'll happen. Stack and Tilt is for me. I'm drinking the Kool-Aid (so is Tiger believe it or not).

I'll try to get some new video of my swing during our club championship at the end of the month.