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ArizonaBlue 8/19/2018 10:29:13 PM
Lost to the course 2&1. First time at Starr Pass … and I figured breaking 90 would be a miracle due to nature of the courses. The Rattler definitely "bit" me with 4 penalties and 4 lost balls and a 48 … so it didn't look promising to break 90. Squeaked out a 41 on the Roadrunner with 2 penalties and only one lost ball to shoot a 41 and break 90 with an 89! Still not a fan of target golf. Played for $26 through a friend … otherwise it would have been $80. Teed off at 10 AM … really hot. My friend Al Mast had to drop out after 9 holes due to the heat. That's why we normally play EARLY!