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E:60 Golf Played in Mumbai, India
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Nikhil Nayak
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India is a land of contrasts and this adds one more to the stereotype imagery that defines India to the world at large but still this is a great story ...

E:60 Mumbai Masters - A Look at How Golf Is Played in Mumbai, India
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ESPN 360 recently did a special on golf played in one of Bombay's (now called Mumbai) biggest slums. Many of the caddies we have in our golf clubs come from very poor families but golf gives them a ticket out. Its hard to draw a comparison to anything in the US but if you guys have any questions I'll be happy to answer.
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AWESOME! I,LOVE GOLF...I,hope Anil,makes it.

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Amazing. Reminds us how lucky and fortunate we are.

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Great story, hope the kid makes it! Thanks for posting. Love the 3 hole course, I hereby resolve to NEVER to bad mouth Kresson again!

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That was a great golf story.Thats serious love for the game. I hope he was able to make some money for the family.