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mtags 12/5/2015 11:39:02 AM
Nice front side. Little slip on the back, but nice overall round.

Luis Salomon 12/5/2015 9:08:20 AM
Highlander in Da' House!!! Making the best out of a not perfect day off the Tee. Good Job my friend.

JayPet 12/5/2015 6:44:52 AM
Did you drive it past the "Freddie Tree"??

Vincedaddy 12/4/2015 6:29:33 PM
Yes SIR!!

JayPet 12/4/2015 4:40:51 PM
I'm seeing RED!! Oh wait, that's missed fairways! Looks like it all got better on the back. Chipping was lights out on the front. (Sigh of relief)

HIGH_LANDER 12/4/2015 2:10:02 PM
Highlight of the day was on hole 6, from 23 yards out. took the 80deg wedge and knock it a foot past the hole.