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KT tape
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Watching the Open noticed the hub bub about Tiger wearing KT tape on his neck. Now I am sure everyone has seen Michele Wie wear tape just about everywhere on her body but I am curious as how is it applied, such as muscle pull or strains, soreness, etc. Also has anyone on the site used such a product and does it work as opposed to the old reliable ace bandages/sleeves, or in most cases motrin/aleve/Tylenol.
# 1    7/20/2018 8:31:33 AM   
KT tape works for me if I'm being paid to wear it.

# 2    7/20/2018 11:10:55 AM   
Lots of athletes in different sports use it, I know I've seen it before. Don't know how it works or if. I also remember those nose strips they used to wear. Is that still a thing?

# 3    7/20/2018 8:26:39 PM   
If you use it with a couple of popsicle sticks to make a splint you can save money on Viagra and put it towards green fees....

# 4    7/22/2018 2:36:33 PM   
I used it extensively last year for golfer's elbow. It reduces pain significantly by increasing stability and support when it is applied properly. At least with that particular application, it distributes pressure away from the pain point at the tip of the funnybone.

There are numerous helpful videos on Youtube about how to apply it specifically for various injuries.

Obviously it doesn't do what physical therapies or training exercises do to recover from or prevent injuries by strengthening muscles.

Hope this is a helpful reply.

# 5    7/27/2018 2:03:44 PM   
When I was recovering from a full Achilles rupture in my left (or "lead") foot, I used it around the ankle area when I was getting back into swing of things (*shameless golf pun*). I found it helped to relieve pain and soreness around my ankle, and provided additional support since my leg was also recovering from [muscular] atrophy. I saw Tiger using it for having a stiff neck, though, and I am not sure how well the tape would do under those circumstances. But, if I was him and was doing anything I could to win again, I guess I can't blame the man for trying.

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# 6    8/16/2018 10:22:24 AM   
It was almost comical how, right after we saw Tiger wearing it on his neck, a few more prominent names started wearing just like him. Not the least of which was Justin Thomas. That kid is what, 25? Tiger is old now for an athlete, I get it. But the kids just want to be cool.