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Member Handicap Last Online
Lee Saltzsieder (OtterMan08)
NH 3/29/2019 1:07:23 PM
Jim Streeter (JStreeter)
NH 3/9/2019 7:07:14 PM
Bob Rutherford (bobr86)
NH 10/15/2018 10:58:41 AM
David Daiutolo (dday39)
NH 5/14/2018 8:09:23 AM
James Nasella (Shorty29)
NH 8/14/2017 1:02:24 AM
Kevin Wehlen (KWehlen)
NH 1/21/2017 8:58:08 PM
CJ Hansen (miatasm)
NH 3/1/2013 5:22:59 PM
Paul Nasella (xFitter)
NH 6/26/2012 5:59:48 PM
Andrew Dennis (TigerDrew)
NH 2/15/2012 11:28:38 AM
Mike McLernon (Whiteballz)
NH 9/15/2011 8:40:33 AM
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    Shorty29 5/4/2012 5:39:02 PM
    I have a tee time tomorrow at Rancocas at 9:48am.

    OtterMan08 4/7/2012 4:41:11 PM
    4/8/12 Sunday @ Rancocas 7:16 AM booked as a single (I think, hard to tell on the website). Any takers? Book it & be there!

    OtterMan08 3/5/2012 3:10:46 PM
    Quick! While everyone else is busy bitching about the site changes... Who's ready to start playing some golf this year. How about a tentative schedule or just a wish list of courses to play???

    OtterMan08 10/10/2011 1:30:30 PM
    Any one interested in Saturday 10/15 at either Indian Spring or McCullough's? EZ Links has good rates posted and I have a half off code.

    lpj0 10/10/2011 11:34:57 AM
    We have a new vTour event up. It is on the Philly013 calendar. It's your last chance to get in a club event this season...

    lpj0 10/5/2011 10:43:58 AM
    Club Championship 2011

    I have sent out a PM that contains any information needed. See you on Saturday at 8:45am, Five Ponds Golf Club.

    I have posted the line-up sheet. It is at:

    Please check your handicap and make sure it is correct. A few notes...
    - There is no particular order to the sheet, they are not in group order.
    - The "Adjusted Course Handicap" currently reflects the 90%. However it is subject to change if it is determined that some players will tee it from the blue.

    The weather looks good. Keep the fingers crossed... The course was VERY wet last week so we may have to make some decisions on lift and clean before the round.

    We have a huge mix in handicaps this year. A range of 1 to 27. This year should give us a good idea of how well handicapping works!

    See you there.

    lpj0 9/22/2011 9:08:37 AM
    I hope everyone's summer went well (and was filled with good golf.) But now it time to enjoy your skills with others in the club and take home the Championship trophy. If you want to play, you need to register now!

    REGISTER NOW. The deadline (to have your check to Don) is September 26th. THAT IS MONDAY!

    Come out and play...

    Link to Club Championship details:


    On another note, we currently have a vTour you can get a score posted for. It's a quick way to help meet USGA requirements.

    For the vTour Click here:

    Mongo68 9/12/2011 2:28:27 PM
    If anyone from this private club wants details on who is registered for the Philly #013/SJ&SE PA Club Championship, please see the Philadelphia #013 club page ONLY. I will NOT be posting registration update on this club's page.

    Since neither lpj0 or I am are chairmen of this private club we can not email everyone at once in the private club page and our abilities to utilize the club info is limited. Please get all your info from the Philly #013 page.


    OtterMan08 9/12/2011 2:10:02 PM
    Thinking of playing Town & Country on Saturday. I have a discount book. 4 for 3 after 10am is $50.25. If you also have the book, single player rate is $45 after 11am. Regular rate is $67 in the morning and $50 after noon, $35 after 3pm. All rates include cart, this is NOT! a walking course. Probably have a buddy (not a member) who wants to play too.

    lpj0 9/9/2011 9:13:40 AM
    We have the September vTour up. Sign up and play! There really is no reason not to, it's free and you can play anywhere!

    Let's get active!

    Check it out under the club events section.

    Here is a link:

    Sign up today!

    lpj0 8/9/2011 1:14:37 PM
    In case you did not get the Philly #13 email, we have a vTour Series starting to help members get in there rounds. We'll post another in September. Check it out under the club events section.

    Here is a link:

    Sign up today!

    Mongo68 8/5/2011 1:01:54 PM
    I have a 2'some booked Sat 8/6 @ Cobbs Creek, 7:07AM. GolfNow $42, the other 2 are available if interested book and show...

    OtterMan08 8/5/2011 12:56:07 PM
    I have a 2'some booked Sat 8/6 @ Rancocas, 1:58pm. GolfNow $25, the other 2 are available if interested book and show... Same time/price available on Sunday, I won't be there, but it's still a good deal!

    wvu2011nj 8/3/2011 2:17:13 PM
    Anyone want to play Friday morning? I have the day off.

    Mongo68 7/31/2011 2:26:38 PM
    I am playing Riverwinds on Monday 8/1 at 9:16 AM. I booked on for $31 $4 fee=$35. The other 3 spots are still available as of this post. Careful that you choose the $31 price as there is also a regular price of $55 for the same time of 9:16 AM. Anyone interested, let me know that you'll be joining me.
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  • Membership Information
    Club Name: South Jersey & SE PA Private Golf Club
    Official Name: Pitman Area #071
    Membership: Private
    Club Type: Traveling Tournament Club
    National Assn: USGA
    Regional Assn: New Jersey State Golf Association
    Compliant: No
    Members: 13
    Location: Pitman NJ

    2021 Revision Schedule
    1/1, 1/15, 2/1, 2/15, 3/1, 3/15, 4/1, 4/15, 5/1, 5/15, 6/1, 6/15, 7/1, 7/15, 8/1, 8/15, 9/1, 9/15, 10/1, 10/15, 11/1, 11/15, 12/1, 12/15
    Last Revision: Saturday, December 30, 1899

    Season Start: Thursday, April 1, 2021
    Season End: Sunday, November 14, 2021

    Club Chair
    David Daiutolo
    Professional Champion
    Handicap#: 2812141

    Kevin Wehlen
    Professional Champion
    Handicap#: 2833038