First off, this golf course is by far the longest round I've ever played in my 10 or so years of playing golf clocking in at snails pace of 5 hours and 30 minutes for 15 holes (couldn't finish because I had dinner plans).  The second longest was Whittier Narrows on a Saturday Morning and decided to quit after 9 holes because I couldn't stand to bear another 9.  That 9 holes of pure misery lasted a painstaking 3 and 1/2 hours.  Because of my severe addiction to the game I decided to call Abbey on Friday to see if they had any plans to play on Saturday.  She told me that she had made a tee time for 11:30 and nothing else was available so being that I wanted to play more than spend time cleaning my house, I decided to join their threesome to make it an even four.  So here we go again, excited to play golf and waking up early Saturday to prepare for a great round with friends.

    We get there to the golf course and right off the bat had to wait one hour past our tee time before we got to the tee box to tee off.  It was a combination of bad tee time management by overbooking times and lack of available golf carts for the riders so players in front of us had to wait.  I wasn't expecting much being that it was a municiple course and mid Saturday morning, but I didn't think it would be this bad.  Once we were on, we had to wait about 10-15 minutes everytime we got to our balls along with about 20-30 minutes between holes.  You know it's got to be a bad day when you look back behind you and see a small mob walking your way.  Yes, an 8some was behind us which made me feel like a gallery was following our group.  They were quite fast though but nonetheless any course that allows and 8some to be playing together should not be worth the play, at least not for the $41 green fee we played to walk.  I actually enjoyed the 8some but it was the 2 groups of 4 in front that made the game more torturous than enjoyable.  One group, which looked like those guys from the Cialis commercial, on a 235 yard par 4 decided to wait for the group in front to get off the green before teeing off when none of them hit their drives more than 180 all day.  One guy might have got a hold of one and hit it 195 with a 30 yard right spin to it.  Play like that just kills me and makes me wish I would've just made a tee time earlier in the week at another course.

    Long story short, if you feel you've got 7 hours to kill playing golf, then give this course a try but for 41 bucks to walk, there's a lot of other courses in the area that are much more organized and cheaper to play or make the drive to Corona and play any one of the fine courses in that area.  At least I had the chance to go out and endure the long round with my friends which made my golf day more enjoyable.  Check back for an actual review of layout and condition of the golf course.