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Birdie Seeker's, Kangol Crew, Golf Club of Texas, 27 Wed 2019
Updated: 3/27/2019 12:31:17 AM


The Birdie Seeker's will play if the weather and golf course are conducive for play.

WHERE: Golf Club of Tesas
WHEN:  Mar 27, 2019
SHOWTIME: 7:45 a.m. 
START:  8:30 a.m. shotgun
SHIRT:  colors suspended until spring

Each golfer shall RSVP via email or text message; or be on the automatic list and provide:
  • first & last  name
  • the venue (course name)
  • game entry (tell me one of the following)
          -  Low Net only
          -  Skins only
          -  Blind Draw only
          -  Low Net & Skins
          -  Net & Blind Draw
          -  Skins & Blind D.
          -  All-IN
          -  None
     We shall play our regular Birdie Seekers' format which is a Flighted Average Stroke Low Net (ASLN), Skins,  Blind Draw and Closest-to-Pin (C2P) games.  The entire field is always  eligible  for our C2P competition; a C2P entry fee is not required.  You can read more about us and our format and tournament rules by clicking on the "Format & Tournament" link located top/left of this page.

Here is the preliminary player confirmation list... 
1 Bobby Guthrie 17 Ken Pina
2 Bobby Sanchez 18 Mike Pitts
3 Casey Sanchez 19 Mike Rieras
4 Clarence Ward  20 Norbert Zepeda 
5 Clarence Williams 21 Randy Magee
6 Ed Robles 22 Rich Deary
7 Ernie Lazard 23 Rich Salinas 
8 Frank Melton   24 Ron Johnson  
9 Greg Hopkins 25 Roy Hines  
10 Greg Johnson  26 Rufus Odem 
11 Hank Stock 27 Willie Bates  
12 Hector Obregon 28 Willie Broadnax
13 Henry Swann    29 Mike Butler
Herman Price 
15 Jim Shaffer 31  
16 Jimmy Guillory 32  

Our tee sheet shall be posted here; and is subject to change.

Birdie Seekers                                SKINS NET BLIND Hole
1 Greg Johnson  x x x 1A
2 Roy Hines   x x x
Herman Price 
x x x
4 Willie Broadnax x x x
5 Mike Rieras x x x 1B
6 Rich Salinas  x x x
7 Clarence Ward  x x x
8 Norbert Zepeda    x x
9 Willie Bates x x x 18A
10 Mike Pitts x x x
11 Mike Butler x x x
13 Hank Stock x x x 18B
14 Frank Melton   x x x
15 Greg Hopkins x x x
16 Rufus Odem  x x x
17 Randy Magee x x x 17A
18 Henry Swann    x x x
19 Jimmy Guillory x x x
21 Ed Robles x x x 17B
22 Hector Obregon x x x
23 Clarence Williams x x x
24 Ron Johnson   x x x
25 Ken Pina x x x 16A
26 Jim Shaffer x x x
27 Ernie Lazard x x x
28 Bobby Guthrie   x x
29 Bobby Sanchez x x x 15A
30 Casey Sanchez x x x
31 Rich Deary x x x
32     x  

** - identifies tee time starts
x - displays the golfer's entry type

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