Some of these rules may seem different than what you’ve heard from general fitness trainers, but they make sense and Kai has proven they work over and over again.

Don’t take these rules lightly if you’re working to improve your golf performance through fitness and exercising for golf:  Quality, concentrate on form, stay in control, every exercise should be performed perfectly, what you teach your body is what it will repeat.

  1. Have a good stance, feet shoulder width apart with knees slightly bent, a little more pressure on the front of the feet, stay dynamic
  2. Keep a straight axis, shoulders over the hips over the feet, use the mirror ! (no bending in the hips or the back, pretend you are inside a cylinder)
  3. Start every movement by engaging your core muscles first, draw your belly button in and up (slight hip tilt forward), start all rotational exercises with your hips followed by the upper body and then arms
  4. Relax ! keep a loose grip, don’t isolate or squeeze any body part, let the energy flow through your body, learn how to release that energy to your target
  5. Medium speed during concentric movement (weight going up) and slow speed during eccentric movement (weight going down, spell S-L-O-W)
  6. Intensity over duration – higher weight and less reps (8-10 max), High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) vs. Slow Cardio
  7. Progressions: we need constant progressions, different variations and changes to keep our system stimulated, here is the progression sequence:
                     -  Learn the exercise to perfection
                     -  Get stronger by increasing weight or resistance
                     -  Reduce stability to train balance and
                     -  Stabilization (1 vs. 2 legs, balance board or stability ball)
                     -  Add rhythm and speed for producing power
  1. Have a 5 minute dynamic warm up before lifting weights, i.e. bike, rowing, rope jumping, jumping jacks etc.
  2. Stretch or use a foam roller after the workout not before, ideally with a rubber band instead of against a solid object
  3. Workout sequence: 5 min warm up, 30-40 weight and resistance training, 4-6 min. cardio (HIIT), 5 min stretching
  4. Do not use any weight machines, use free weights, cables, rubber bands, stability and medicine balls and your own body
  5. Keep the complete workout within 1 hour, after that your body will not learn anymore
  6. Rest at least 1 day per week, when concentrating on a specific body part let it rest for 5 days before a repeat
  7. Recuperate by consuming a protein (1 part) and carbohydrate (2.5 parts) combination within 20 min after the workout (ideally a recuperation shake or some nuts and fruit, yoghurt with fruit or chocolate milk)
  8. Enjoy, you will get better at what you love doing and get healthier at the same time, what a great deal !

Remember: workout is 50% getting mechanically stronger and 50% learning how to move, concentrate!


Kai Fitness runs the golf fitness program at the Annika Academy ™ and helps all golfers improve their game without ever placing a golf club in their hands. He does it through a fitness routine that is proven and tested to work called "Kai Fitness for Golf". Featured in such publications as Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, the USA Today, Golf Fitness Magazine, and more. Kai’s philosophy is "efficiency through perfect movement”. To learn more about Kai's program visit