So, Saturday afternoon (man was it hot) my wife and I went to play Red Wolf Golf Resort northeast of Houston in Huffman.  We were on the third hole, a par three, finished play and walked to our cart.  I was putting my club in my bag when I glanced back to the tee and saw the guy behind us (a single) start his swing.  I hollered at him "DON'T SWING THAT CLUB."  He did stop his swing and we drove off.  I should point out that we were even with the flag distance wise and to the right (the slice side for a right hander) about 10 or 15 paces.

Pace of play was not an issue; we were stuck behind a slow foursome and were pushing them.  Well, on the next tee the single drives after us and comes to talk to me.  He snarls at me for yelling at him and I told him I didn't want him hitting into us while we were still in range.  He snarled back at me "hell, I've been playing for 25 years."  I responded; I don't know that.  I don't know who the heck is behind me.  I don't want people hitting into me.  He just snarled at me again and went back to finish playing the par three.

On the next hole, a par four after we reached the green I turned around and watched him hit his tee shot.  He yanked it dead left into the woods about 175 yards from his tee.  We let him play through on the following hole and did say thank you.

I had a good friend get hit in the head with a golf ball at Bear Creek Golf World.  He required 14 stitches to close the wound.  I do worry about guys thinking that they will always hit the green on an approach so they hit when the group in front is still in range.  So, just in case, I always wait to make sure the guys in front are completely out of my range if I hit a poor shot.

What do you all think about guys doing this?  Or are you one of those guys that think you will hit it right on the green and you don't need to wait for the group to clear the green.