I ran across this on The Drudge Report.  Hope he cleans his act up before he really gets embarassed by getting arrested for stalking.  I'd really hate to see him reduced to this.
TIGER WOODS' ex-wife ELIN NORDEGREN got dumped by her rebound boyfriend, sources say, after the serial cheater scared him off!

"Elin is livid that Tiger would interfere in her private life, especially after she believes he recently sneaked into her home while she was gone," a source close to the former couple told The ENQUIRER.

"She said, 'We're divorced! It's over! Why won't he just leave me alone?'"

The 31-year-old blonde had been seeing a fellow Rollins College student, a college athlete five years her junior, said the source.

"They saw each other occasionally, but Elin was a little concerned because of the guy's age. She said, laughing, 'What am  I
now - a cougar?'" the source divulged.

The two were apart while Elin visited her family in Sweden for Christmas, and after she got back to Florida, the guy revealed that two of the golf star's employees approached him on campus, said the source.

"Elin said he was told that he'd be under 'great scrutiny' if he continued to see her, and it might get 'uncomfortable,' said the source.

"Frankly, I think he was scared silly. He told Elin that he didn't want to deal with the 'drama,' and thought it best that they didn't continue seeing each other."

While Elin didn't mind that her budding romance had ended, she was furious that her ex - who gave her a reported $110 million divorce settlement - may have interfered, said the source

 "Elin said, 'Why can't he just get on with his life and let me get on with mine?'" the source revealed.

The ENQUIRER reported that Elin told pals that Tiger recently slipped into her Orlando home while Elin was away, and that she believes he rummaged through her diary and personal papers, the source added: "If Tiger really is doing these things - sneaking into her house and scaring her boyfriends - Elin says she'll take legal action."