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Got a charity scramble tomorrow and one of my best friends/co-worker/scramble teammate is ... wait for it ... BRITISH!!! Boooooooo!!!! I plan on dropping a headcover in his way at least once a hole ...

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dmpcoco99 10/12/2012 6:31:11 PM

car12old 9/26/2012 5:26:15 PM
Yes! Yes! Yes! Go USA!!!

Racer888 9/25/2012 10:54:12 AM
good idea

Duckhunter 9/25/2012 9:09:29 AM
very cool

HIGH_LANDER 9/24/2012 7:38:41 PM

cogolfer1 9/23/2012 11:14:50 PM
Love it! USA! USA! USA!

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