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Club participation
James Butler
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Interesting; says 487 members in the Beaverton club, but looks like over half are "trial members". Wonder how many of the paid members are actually active? I would assume most active members are not part of any club with a GHIN number, like me, but enjoy tracking progress in the game. That's why I have been posting scores for several years now and watched my handicap drop from 24.5 to 19.1, trending 18.9. 95% of my rounds are with whomever happens to be at the course when I walk on, usually late afternoon at Quail (by far the one I play most), Wildwood, Heron Lakes, Forest Hills on weekends, a lot of evenng nines at Claremont. Occasionally check into a small charitable scramble, but not too concerned about the competition as it is to support a specific cause I am interested in. Like the 9 hole Alzheimer’s benefit on Saturday, August 17 at Claremont. Not much chatter in this forum. too bad. It would be nice to hook up occasionally with other golfers with similar interests in the game. And I admit I never read the bylaws carefully, until today when I saw this. "Section 6.
The USGA requires you play at least 3 rounds with another member in the club. This includes the tournament round you are required to play in. The vTour can count as your tournament round and is free to play. Please make sure you check the yes box when you play with another club member. " So the handicap isn't really valid unless playing some rounds with known club members.
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