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I'm a pretty competitive golfer, I've been playing in MetPGA tournaments for a few years now and I've been golfing in general my whole life. I'm a junior in high school now, and my school team season is about to start, and I was wondering what people would say my scores should be if I want to play at least D3 golf in college. I know that I'm probably not good enough to get recruited D1, but I'd love to play at a smaller D3 school. My tournament scores tend to vary between mid-high 70s and mid 80s, so I was wondering if anyone had any idea how much lower my scores should be to give me a chance to play in college.
# 1    4/2/2018 2:23:59 PM   
Ethan, help this guy out.

# 2    4/2/2018 2:43:35 PM   
If you can average 75 throughout your high school tournaments I think you're guaranteed to get a spot on a D3 team. Do keep in mind since it's D3, you're not assured of a spot like you would be on a D1 team, and have to try out.

Methodist University in North Carolina is the best D3 golf team in the country. Attached is a link of their tryout results from this spring, to give you some perspective as to where you might stack up.

Don Freeman
Professional Champion
# 3    4/2/2018 7:46:03 PM   
I think you could lower your scores significantly by simply using your foot wedge more.

GolfNet Staff
# 4    4/3/2018 11:19:38 AM   
I played for a small D3 (Hartwick College) team back in my playing days. You would have easily made our top 5. It all depends on where you go. I would guess your game would need to improve to make a team like the aforementioned Methodist, but an "average" D3 team I would think you would have a good chance.

I would guess there are actually fewer D3 teams now then when I was in college back around 1990. My college shut the golf team down. My brother played for Ithaca and they no longer have a team either.

--Jim D, GolfNet/USH

Professional Champion
# 5    4/3/2018 1:10:49 PM   
I see a lot of high school scores here in the Chicago area. Even par, one, two under are winning most tourneys. If you are shooting low 70s you are usually in the metal hunt.

GolfNet Staff
# 6    4/3/2018 5:02:17 PM   
Here's a link to my college's conference tournament results from last spring. Mid to upper 70s have you in contention for the title. Mid 80s was top half of the field.

Note that the tournament was mid-April. The weather in central New York state in mid-April can be a pretty tough go...

Now I'd wager that Methodist's C team would probably have won the team title...


Professional Champion
# 7    4/4/2018 5:39:55 AM   
The top 100 D3 players average between 74 and 78 in tournaments. If your average is 80 or less than you shouldn't have trouble getting on a D3 team.

When coaches look at prospects they look at their tournament rounds and not their HDCP. If you are not playing AJGA, USGA or State and National tournaments than they are gonna look right over you.

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